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Images from Day Hike to Mount Madison, White Mountains, New Hampshire on Saturday, November 4, 2000:

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Farmer Bob & Tim ascending Valley Way Trail
Gary T. & Mike P. ascending Valley Way
Mt. Madison from near Madison Hut
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Madison Hut from the upper end of Valley Way with side of Madison behindthe hut
Farmer Bob, Eric S. Gary T. & Tim S. grab some lunch behind Madison Hut


JQ Adams with Mt. Adams behind JQA taken near Madison Hut
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Madison Hut from Osgood Trail on Mt. Madison Tim  & farmer Bob
ascending Madison on Osgood trail above Madison Hut
Mt. Washington from upper section of Madison. Side of Mt. Adams on right side of photo
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Eric, Tim, Gary & Mike on Madison summit with Mt. Adams in background
Mt. Madison from Junction of Airline & Airline Cut-off
Part of King Ravine Headwall from Airline Trail
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Part of King Ravine head wall with Adams Summit


Looking down Airline trail towards Randolph, NH
Gary T. descending Airline near treeline


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Obligatory Presidential "STOP" Sign on Airline trail,  Good Weather
   Today but when it's back "Turn Back Now"
Madison - Adams Col from Durand Loop of Scar trail.

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